Friday, January 6, 2012

Visits to Antigua

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I know that I have posted this comment before but if you tell a Salvadoran that you are visiting the country and ask what you should go see, they will tell you Antigua. The funny thing about that is, Antigua is in neighbouring Guatemala.

Me and the famous author!

But Antigua is amazing and only 5 hours from San Salvador. The drive along the coast is nice and I heard the Hachadura bridge is open after the crazy rain storm hit and took it out. Last time I drover over that bridge, I recall the stream below it was a good 40 feet below ... well during the storm, the water was going over the bridge. That route is quite scenic and it avoids Guatemala City and the traffic there.

The high plains drifter.

Antigua has great little inns, great restaurants and bars. It is great having a friend of Michael there since he is an insider and local now and knows all the best places and the good gossip. And if you don't have a friend like Michael living there, you can buy his insider's guide book at for only $4.99. It downloads onto any E-reader (I put it on my iPad) and it will give you a lot of good information for your visit. Plus he is a very witty writer.

My favourite place is the Hotel Aurora - very central, just a few blocks from parque central, some lovely rooms, beautiful flowers in the courtyard, decent breakfast and one of the cheapest places in town. We like to eat at the Welton and Hector's and drink wherever there is a lot of noise and where Michael and I can sneak in a good cigar.

And come to think of it, if you are visiting the area and are going to download Michael's local insider's guide, you should download Paige Penland's excellent guidebook on El Salvador that became available recently on Kobo at


  1. Antigua is my favorite place :)

  2. Hi Kelsey, do you live there or get to visit often? If it is the latter, I'd highly recommend you buy Michael's book - either as an Ebook, from Amazon or you can buy a copy in Antigua. What is your favourite place there?